The Legacy of Lynching

A visit to the Legacy of Lynching exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (through Sept. 3rd) and this discussion over historical memory and Jim Crow-era monuments melts away. Standing next to young men and their sons, weeping together as we listened to stories of lost loved ones and the crude horror of lynching, connecting that context […]

CDMX Metro

If anyone speaks of the DF metro and says they’ve seen it all, they haven’t ridden long enough. The metro will always evolve as the quintessential performance space. I’ve seen small ensembles of pan flutes, violins and accordions, the blind leading the blind following Juan Gabriel’s voice, faquires that make me look away as their […]


Según la Comisión Metropolitana de Instituciones Públicas de Educación Media Superior  (COMIPEMS), en el 2016, 310,163 individuos aspiraron a la preparatoria en la Ciudad de México. Este dato no ha cambiado mucho en años recientes. De estos más de 300 mil personas del área metropolitana, unos 250,000 fueron asignados a una institución pública, o sea, quedaron […]

Oaxaca, Mexico and Education Reform

The city of Oaxaca and surrounding boroughs are under siege. The highways to and from Oaxaca City are blockaded. The federal police are dropping tear gas from helicopters; rampant looting plagues communities small and large (a photo is circulating in social media in which heavily armed federal police are toting a new refrigerator on the […]


Recently, I visited a “PejePrepa”, a public high school in one of the largest and poorest boroughs of Mexico City. The school is part of a free and virtually open-access network of education institutions that attempt to provide a more directed and effective high school education to marginalized populations. The young people that attend the PejePrepas don’t have access to the mainstream preparatory system and to succeed need highly engaged and supportive instructors and a more facile and accessible infrastructure for admissions and beyond.